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This website is a resource created by UC faculty interested in uniting UCD and UC faculty in support of HP2-H88 students in the fight to keep public education accessible and affordable, and educating people about November 18th (UC Davis pepper-spraying), budget debates and advocating for public education.

We believe that public education is the cornerstone of democracy. We are concerned about HP2-H88 exam questions dumps education disappearing as a shared public good. We are UC Davis faculty committed to advocating and supporting access to higher education, galvanized by Nov. 18thhttp://ucfacultysupportingstudents.org/november-18th-uc-davis-pepper-spraying-archive/

The goals of this website are:

1) aggregate and disseminate information related to Nov. 18th (pepper-spraying at UC Davis),

2) collect the voices and actions of faculty related to Nov. 18th and larger struggles around privatization and decline in public funding for UC and higher education more broadly.

for information about who we are and why we care , see http://ucdfacultysupportingstudents.wordpress.com/who-we-are-and-why-we-care/

The views expressed in the blog posts reflect those solely of the author.