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Microsoft Modifies X-Box One for Better User Experience

Microsoft is doing some tests on X-Box One definitely to make the user experience better. The first tackle is on the home screen, remember the old one? If you do then you must be thankful to Microsoft to consider this redesign.

The new interface should be faster now thanks to its streamlined structure. The new update will have the top screen twist removed and now you can have different buttons to navigate through. These separate buttons will surely make launching games and other services, such as Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Community, and Microsoft Store a lot easier. You can also easily jump to the recently played titles.

According to Microsoft, their objective is to support users in accessing Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, and the Microsoft Store more efficiently. X-Box One users will be able to see these fabulous in the next couple of weeks.

Also, there’ll be some noticeable changes in the voice command of X-Box one too i.e. the removal of Cortana. Sadly you won’t be able to talk to her through your headphones anymore. But it is only to make things better. Microsoft plans to shift to a cloud-based assistant rather than an on-console model. You’ll be able to control your console using X-Box Skills on iOS, Android, or Windows devices through the app.

Cortana has been a big part of X-Box One experience as well as Window 10 and other things similar. However, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently publicized that they no longer see Cortana as a competitor to other digital assistants. It appears to have some rivals on the platform and this highly impacts the future of Cortana.

Microsoft added Cortana to their Xbox console back in 2016 only to be removed a few years later. Nonetheless, we can’t deny the signs of her demise were apparent from a while. Cortana was missing from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2018, with the the only exception to a Cortana-powered thermostat. Even that thermostat doesn’t list Cortana as a feature on its product page anymore. It was initially was supposed to launch on fridges, toasters, etc but barely made it onto a smart speaker.

While commenting on re-design, Microsoft mentioned how they were receiving the user feedbacks leading to go over to home designs. They aim to make the gaming experience smoother and also want to make sure that users can find their content front and center.

So the experimental changes should be out this week and will be accessible to a selected group of Xbox Insiders, then based on the feedbacks other changes will follow accordingly. Microsoft, however, warned the users of the temporarily disabling of dictation through the Xbox One virtual keyboard. A few fixes are being worked on at this case.


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